My Stop on the Writing Process Blog Tour

While everyone else is throwing buckets of ice water on their heads, I’m very relieved to be tagged in a blogging meme where I don’t have to get wet. If you’re not familiar with the Writing Process Blog Tour, it’s easy: just answer four questions and tag three more people. Simple!

Yeah, right.

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Zoë Keating: Investigative Cellist

Experimental cellist Zoë Keating is performing at the Largo in Los Angeles tonight. I first saw her perform on JoCo Cruise Crazy in March 2013, and it completely blew my mind. The fact that her music is heard on the Sherlock Holmes-inspired show Elementary is fitting because Keating is never satisfied with just playing the cello. Instead, she fully investigates her sound, technique, and ability, detecting new ways to create not songs, but symphonic poems, with just her instrument and a computer. I was so completely overwhelmed and inspired by her performance that I wrote this review.

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