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Welcome to Geek Adjacent!

I’m Renée Camus, and here is where I talk about what I like and thoughts I’ve had about life, the universe, and everything. I mostly write about pop culture and geek-related stuff, as well as dancing and musical theatre, and how those things intertwine and overlap.

While I’ve always been more of a geek girl than not, I’m not what one might consider a full-on geek—depending on one’s definition, of course. I enjoy a lot of geek things, especially in the realm of pop culture (ie: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Jonathan Coulton), but I’m not really a video gamer or a comic book reader. I’m definitely a fangirl, with a very strong fan gene. I also love musical theatre, which some might consider a geek love, and I was definitely an outcast in grade school. Growing up, I was teased (or bullied, as we’d say today) and made fun of for studying ballet and not dressing like the popular kids. My husband is a geek too, and I’m definitely involved in the geek world, but I consider myself just to the side of it. Hence the name, Geek Adjacent.

So welcome to my brain! Please take a look around, read some stuff, and feel free to comment, like, and share. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.

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2 thoughts on “About Geek Adjacent

  1. Well-written, as always, and very true. It seems to be a family trait: being bullied in school, having different path choices, being artists in our own rights, being and marrying geeks (although I think I married the Mega-Geek of the Universe, my usual overkill). I guess we would breed more geeks, too, but I will leave that task to someone with better genes than mine.

    I wish you good luck, happy writing, and many fans!

    For myself, I am just happy to write. I have forty-two followers, or so Blogger tells me, but I don’t seem to really know them. I guess they like my wandering, ranting style, not that I could explain it. But it makes me happy to write and express myself and my opinions and as to the fame, I will happily never have that. I have no interest in it. For you, though, I think you would love it, performing artist that you are, and make you extremely happy, so if ever there is something I can do, name it.


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