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Alex Bradley Self Portrait

This is Alex Bradley’s self-portrait. (Yes, it’s a drawing, not a photograph.)

My husband Alex Bradley is an animator and motion graphics artist who also does illustration, and we have several of his art prints available for purchase. Many of these were created and published for various role playing games, such as Ars Magica and Children of the Sun.

We have lots of wonderful prints available in different styles. Most are black & white pencil, ink, or charcoal, but we have two prints in full color. Print prices are $10 or $15, plus postage. Prints are cross referenced in the following categories:

Historical Fantasy (15)

Horror Fantasy (1 – SOLD OUT!)

Landscapes (1)

Ink (4)

Character Portraits (6)

Color Prints (2)

Romance (7)

If you’d like to buy a print, email me or fill out the form below!


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#TakeBack2016 Retrospective–Let’s Do This!

In response to the horror show that was 2016, I decided to do that meme that went around, #TakeBack2016, and talk about what good happened last year.

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Movie Monday: Captain America – Tired of War

I’ve been suffering from Comic Book Hero Burnout for a while, yet I continued to abuse myself with it by seeing Captain America: Civil War this weekend. A few thoughts on why I’m so tired of it, and yet why I still went.

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Video Vednesday: Two Very Different Dance Videos

For Video Vednesday, I’m sharing two of my old dance videos: an English Longsword dance and a Ragtime Castlewalk.

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TV Tuesday: Lucifer

Now that the spring television season is ending, I’m sad about going many months without one of my new favorite shows: the Fox hit, Lucifer.

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Flashback Friday: A Little Job History

For Flashback Friday, I look back on my job history, especially some of the odd jobs I’ve held over the years.

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Back in the Teaching Saddle Again

After a long weekend of teaching and dancing, my confidence is renewed.

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2015 Retrospective

As we continue full speed ahead into 2016, I take a moment to look back and share my 2015 Retrospective.

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Experimental Saturday: Artomatic!

A gallery of photos I took of the artwork at Artomatic, an incredible traveling DC arts festival.

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A Big Group Picture

I’m in Maryland at my old stomping grounds and visiting good friends (plus working on a couple outstanding articles). So,…

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Caturday: American Ninja Kitty

We could use a little mental break to look at silly cats, so here’s our American Ninja Kitty doing a stunt.

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F-U Friday: That “Red Cup” Jerk

For NaBloPoMo Day 13, just a little rant about the whole red cup fiasco and the jerkface who started it off. Why is this necessary in life???

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Video Vednesday: Cruise Song!

My first Video Vednesday ropes in my husband and my best friend to share with you all our silly Cruise Song! I even learned a new skill in the process.

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