Valley Apartment’s First Art Show Was a Success!

My landlord and I organized an art show in my apartment building Sunday, and it was a great day!

As you can see on my blog here, I have a page of some of my husband Alex’s illustration pieces, and we have several prints available for purchase. I mentioned the prints to my landlord, Josie, who is a wonderfully supportive advocate for the arts generally, and for Alex’s talent in particular. She loved the art and had the great idea of doing an event for the building. Other artists can join in and bring their artwork, and we can eat, drink, celebrate or purchase art, and network, strengthening the community and supporting our local artists.

Art Show Flyer

The flyer Alex made for the art show.

It was a pretty smashing success, especially for an initial outing. We had 15 to 20 people there, including a few who didn’t live in the building. Alex’s art was on display, of course, as well as my neighbors Alexandra, Derek, and Paola Savoia. People brought their pets, including Josie’s cat Max, who is a larger version of my cat Tiger. We all chatted and shared good food. We had wine and cheese, hummus and veggies, chips and dip, eggnog and apple cider. Paola made homemade pizza, and I baked banana bread, both of which were gobbled up quickly.

It was so much fun that we’ll probably be doing it again, and will perhaps open it up more to the greater Burbank community.

If you missed the art show but are interested in a print or two (they make excellent holiday gifts!), check out our stock, and place an order!

If you’re in the Los Angeles area and would like to participate in the next one, let me know.

Some pictures from the art show (click to enlarge):

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