Experimental Saturday: Artomatic!

We just got back from Artomatic, a really cool art festival that pops up around the Washington DC area every year or so, provided they can find an empty office building to host it in. The Parks and Planning Commission supports it, as does the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities. And it’s all free.

There’s food and drink to buy, cabaret tables set up, and performances from bands, dancers, and artists. And of course there’s tons of art work to look at, all around the four floors of the building, which this time is in Hyattsville, Maryland, near New Carrollton. There’s also an enormous amount of talent, and an incredible sense of community—which was their intent.

My friends and I walked around the maze-like office building, taking in all the art. The show isn’t juried, so there’s a variety of art, some of which is amazing and very interesting. Despite that I kept laughing thinking of the Art Fair in Ann Arbor, Michigan (where I went to college), which we affectionately called “Fart Air,” Artomatic was really cool. I took a ton of pictures (and a couple videos) and decided to share them on my blog.

This is also my first Experimental Saturday because I’ve never created a gallery on this blog before. Actually, that’s not entirely true, but close (that page is technically a portfolio, not a gallery). Also, I had heard about Artomatic for years but never actually got there before now, so there’s another experiment!

I hope you enjoy it!

(Hover over the images to see the caption, and/or click the image to see it larger and read the caption.)

Some of the artwork was too interactive to just take a photo, so I took a few videos too.


My friend Kristin Looney enjoys what’s probably the coolest exhibit at Artomatic: the Fake Windchimes (see the description above, 6th row down, far right picture). So peaceful, and really clever.

A cool umbrella mobile, as seen from 2 floors up.

Silly Alex jumped into the time vortex (and may have hurt his ankle in the process).

This is more me playing with the video options on my phone, specifically the “time lapse” option, but Gina is very silly, so I’m including it. I just said, “Hey Gina, dance for me.” And this is what she did (sped up, in time lapse).

That same umbrella mobile, this time from 3 floors up.

A young artist contributes to the community painting canvas.

Alex finishes off that massive, messy cupcake.

3 thoughts on “Experimental Saturday: Artomatic!

  1. Liv

    I’m certain my iPhone isn’t doing justice to your pics – but what a fun time! I love doing cultured things.

    • Yeah, it was awesome! I almost didn’t go because I was tired and stressing about work, but I’m really glad I went. 🙂

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