Video Vednesday: Nerd Fest UK’s Awesome Classic Movie Dance Mix

Every now and then, a video compilation of movie dance scenes makes the rounds, and this latest one is brilliant. Nerd Fest UK created this video, and it is so well done: the dance clips—all of which are from classic (ie: before the 1960s) dance films, go with the music so well, and they’re really fun. I admit I got very sick of this song, Uptown Funk, a little while back because my hit music radio station played it non-stop, but it’s a pretty awesome song. They really did a tremendous job with this video, effortlessly proving how great hip hop is for tap dancing—if anyone needed any proof.

I would love to try my hand at a video like this, but it seems so time consuming and difficult that it intimidates me—which of course means that I should do it. In fact, I do have an idea for one that I’ve been percolating for a while now…

But maybe after NaBloPoMo.

Enjoy the video. This version lists the titles of the movies they used during the video. I need to write them down in a list and see how many of them I’ve seen (embarrassingly few). How many have you seen?

One thought on “Video Vednesday: Nerd Fest UK’s Awesome Classic Movie Dance Mix

  1. Liv

    I’ve seen a few of those!

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