Returning to the Blogosphere

After too much time away, I’ve decided to return to my blog, and perhaps try to make it last a bit longer. I’m hoping to balance it with a freelance writing career, at least until I can get a staff position somewhere (and hopefully after). I just need to bite the bullet and write, and publish, and promote the blog, come what may. I’m being brave.

I’m going to start by posting some of the recent pieces I’ve written for my classes at UCLA Extension, starting with a review of the wonderful experimental cellist, Zoë Keating. I first saw her perform on JoCo Cruise Crazy 3, the amazing nerd cruise I’ve attended the past three years. She blew me away. I had heard her recordings, but really didn’t have a good concept of how she created her music, so to see it live was incredible. I was so inspired that I knew I just had to write about her.

She is performing at the Largo in Los Angeles tonight (September 12, 2013), and while I’m not able to attend, I thought I’d relive the concert on the cruise through this review.

I hope you enjoy it, and absolutely see Zoë perform when you can.

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