Nothing Like Kittens After a Long Day

Growing up as a dancer, something that obviously requires physical energy and athleticism, I often didn’t think about how exhausting it can be to “just” use my brain. Sitting and working doesn’t seem like it’s that tiring because I’m not doing anything physical, yet it still takes quite a lot of energy to use your brain power.

Surprisingly, sitting around (falling asleep) while listening to other people talk can be even more exhausting. That’s what I did today.

I had jury duty.

I also had to get up earlier than usual to get there on time (I’m definitely a night person). And I have to go back tomorrow.

Since I’m not allowed to talk about the trial, and I probably shouldn’t talk about how inefficient the whole jury selection process was… is…, here’s a video of my kittens playing with a string.

(Leeloo’s the grey one and Arya’s the cow kitty. Tiger makes an appearance at the end. Please ignore my fish-belly-white knees.)


3 thoughts on “Nothing Like Kittens After a Long Day

  1. Ah, nothing fixes a long day like fur!

    One comment: had you not said anything, no one would notice your “fish-belly white” knees. However, since you did bring it up, I prefer “healthy” knees. Tanning is for wusses who want melanoma. I’m not one of them.

    One question: can you talk about all this jury duty stuff when it is over? We’d love to hear about it, and it would make excellent fodder for this, your blog. I would come home, write about each day, and when it is all said and done, post each day up in, say, December… and change any names and/or details, to keep the spirit of it confidential.

    • Yes, I should write about jury duty, though I wasn’t actually placed on a jury. I’ve always wanted to be, actually, but in this case I’m so glad I wasn’t. Maybe I’ll write about it next week.

  2. […] can sit around the tree. We also currently have another litter box in that spot, since we also got our third kitteh, Arya. Moving the couch around will give us a good opportunity to see what Arya has lost under it. […]

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